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Unfortunately, server updates (to maintain security) have stopped Phoebe functioning. We are investigating whether we can bring it back but this would depend on funding and demand.

If you wish to access the Phoebe guidance, you can do so at:

If you are using the Phoebe application or the guidance, please let us know how (and how much) you use them by emailing us at

Phoebe is a web application designed to provide inspiration and practical support for learning design.

What do you want to do?

Create or modify your learning designs
Build your own design or adapt an existing design.
View shared learning designs
Let Phoebe’s collection of shared designs inspire you.
Browse Phoebe’s teaching and technology guidance
Find out about different tools and the learning activities they support.
Manage your design templates
Create and modify the templates from which you build your learning designs.

For guidance on using Phoebe, visit the help page.

About Phoebe

The Phoebe project ended in May 2008, but was left available for anyone who found it useful.

As of February 2013 Phoebe stopped funtioning, due to incompatibilities in software updates required to ensure system security. The guidance is still available, but probably out of date in some areas.

Find out more on our about Phoebe page.